Parent/Leader Survey

The SCOUTS of Troop 612 thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Their experience in scouting is improved with every adult who volunteers time to help. The Troop needs adults to come to meetings and camp outs, attend Committee Meetings, plan fundraisers and just be there for when any old thing happens. Even if you can commit just a couple of hours every few months, you will be making a difference in the life of a Scout. 

Vehicle Information

Parents are regularly asked to help drive scouts to and from events. For such events, the Boy Scouts of America provides insurance coverage. To ensure that we are covered, we need to have the following information for any car that you will be using to drive scouts to or from any Troop events.

Committee Options

While a Scout Troop is “Scout Led”, it is under the supervision and with the support of adults. To provide the Scouts with the best possible experience, we need adults to serve on our Troop Committee (which is like a board of directors, and also provides administrative support for the troop), as Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters (who work most directly with the Scouts at Troop Meetings and Camping Trips), and as Merit Badge Counselors (who work with the Scouts on Merit Badges.) Please check all of the boxes below where you think you may be able to assist the Troop.

Program Options

Assistant Scoutmasters assist the Scoutmaster in leading the scouts, providing skills instruction, adult assistance with delivering the troop program, providing two-deep leadership at troop events (camping, hiking, etc.) and may be assigned to one or more patrols. Duties may overlap or assist with roles in the Troop Committee. If you think you can help in any of the specific areas below, please check the appropriate box(es).

Merit Badge Counseling

Merit badge counselors teach skills and/or sign-off when a Scout has fulfilled the requirements for a badge. Counselors may also be Committee Members and Assistant Scoutmasters, but don’t have to be either. They just have to have a working knowledge of the subject and be willing to help.

Other Ways to Help

We can always use help with the following areas.